New: Watchlist & Market Filtering!

We're thrilled to introduce two new features in our latest app update that will streamline your cryptocurrency tracking experience: our brand-new Watchlist and Market Filtering.

Ever wished your favourite coins were just a tap away? Our Watchlist does exactly that - bringing them right onto your dashboard. Now, as soon as you log into the app, you can keep a close eye on your favourite coins, staying up to date with their price and performance.

But wait, there's more! The new Market Filtering tool now lets you sort coins by symbol, alphabetically, by price, or by the 24-hour change. This means you can swiftly sift through coin performance and spot both the high-flyers and those needing your attention.

Managing your Watchlist

  • On the dashboard in the Coinsquare app, tap the 'Edit' button next to the Watchlist section to add, remove or reorder coins.
  • Add a coin to your Watchlist by tapping on the desired one available in the list.
  • Reorder coins in your Watchlist by holding and dragging them up and down the list.
  • Remove a coin from your Watchlist by tapping on it or tap 'Clear' to remove all coins for a clean slate.
  • Once you're done making edits, don't forget to tap 'Save'.

Head back to the dashboard to see your updated watchlist!

You can also add to your watch list by clicking the star symbol at the top right of any individual asset screen

Using Market Filtering

  • On the Markets tab, you'll see a sorting feature next to the search icon at the top right.
  • Tapping this icon will open a menu where you can choose how to sort your coins. Options include: default, sort by 24h change, organize alphabetically by symbol (from A to Z), and sort by price (from highest to lowest).

We hope these tools will give you an upper hand in managing your digital currencies and make your experience with Coinsquare even better.

Happy trading!