The Fastest Way to Buy Bitcoin

�Mass adoption of cryptocurrency is closer than you think. By using the millions of existing ATMs around the world, we can now give users an easy, fast and familiar experience to purchase cryptocurrency."

- Todd Lawrence, Chief Visionary Officer for CNI

What is Coinsquare Networks Inc. (CNI) ?

Coinsquare Networks Inc. (CNI) is an innovative fintech company whose software allows users to buy bitcoin from traditional ATM machines via their debit card.

�Right now, there is a lack of mainstream cryptocurrency adoption because most people are intimidated by the process to acquire it,� says Cole Diamond, CEO of Coinsquare. �By using the millions of existing ATMs around the world, we can now bridge the gap and give new users the easiest and most familiar experience to purchase cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is new and unfamiliar to many, but ATMs are not. By tapping into the existing global ATM network, cryptocurrency can finally reach the masses. We are bringing that familiar and trusted process into the cryptocurrency and ATM world for the first time.� 

We've taken the necessary steps and time to understand the ATM industry so that we can deliver a solution that utilizes the existing infrastructure, without disrupting existing operations. This means customers can purchase cryptocurrency from an ATM the same way, and in the same amount of time that it would take to withdraw cash from an ATM. Hence, ATMs could be the fastest and easiest way to buy Bitcoin!

How do ATMs with Coinsquare�s Bitcoin software work?

How does this technology work? Don�t fear, it�s as easy as we make it sound!

Let�s consider the following scenario: 

You�re an individual who has heard a lot about Bitcoin, and you�re finally ready to take the plunge and purchase some Bitcoin for yourself. 

Traditionally: the user can use a cryptocurrency exchange like Coinsquare to purchase Bitcoin. This process includes creating an account, going through a Know Your Client (KYC) process, funding your account, and then purchasing your preferred asset class, which can take several hours.


Coinsquare provides a faster, easier, and a more familiar alternative for individuals to purchase bitcoin. Our Bitcoin solution uses the existing ATM network and infrastructure to execute transactions. Simply insert your debit card and enter your PIN, select the dollar amount to purchase, confirm the transaction details, and the cryptocurrency is delivered via a paper wallet that is printed out of the ATM. The customer can then use this paper wallet to deposit the Bitcoin into a digital wallet.

To learn more, check out this demo below:

Who are our partners?We are partners with the three largest ATM manufacturers in North America, all of whom have played a fundamentally important role in developing our market leading solution. Our partners Include, Nautilus Hyosung America (NHA), Triton, and Genmega.Our ATM manufacturing partners� experience, industry presence, and leadership skills have been paramount in bringing a solution to the market that can be broadly adopted by the entire crypto industry. The concept of cryptocurrency has come a long way from its early days when it was perceived as an untenable, complex technological innovation. Today, businesses are accepting payments in the form of crypto, investors are investing large amounts in the space, and society is slowly adopting cryptocurrency into modern life.CNI�s ATM solution will serve as an efficient on-ramp to the crypto universe, which will lower the barriers of adoption for new market participants - and eventually, bridge the gap between traditional banking and the crypto industry.So far, CNI has successfully launched our solution on 450 ATMs across the United States, with thousands more awaiting implementation.We are extremely proud to be the creator and leader of this market, and we look forward to providing more customers with the fastest and easiest way to purchase cryptocurrency!