This is not a drill: Crypto-to-crypto trading is available through Coinsquare's OTC desk

Did you know that Coinsquare Wealth clients can make direct coin-to-coin trades via the OTC desk without converting to fiat first? Read along to find out more.If you're looking for a way to trade your Bitcoin or get your hands on the next big altcoin, look no further than Coinsquare Wealth. Coinsquare now offers its Wealth clients the chance to make direct coin-to-coin trades without first converting to a fiat currency. As a Wealth client, you can trade between 40 coins as well as CAD and USD. Coinsquare users have over860 trading pair options through the OTC desk!Here's why it's kind of a big dealIt's simpleTrading coin to fiat back to coin means two trades with two potential points of slippage, and generally results in higher overall costs.You save on costsDirect coin-to-coin trading means fewer trades to be made, saving you money.You can diversifyWith 40 coins and over 860 trading pairs available and more on the way, this is a great way to diversify your portfolio.It's fasterBy skipping out on all the manual calculations, trade-from-memory and hopping between tabs, a direct coin-coin trade on Coinsquare is the best way to trade crypto. It's fast, simple and takes only one step to complete!And it's all through Coinsquare WealthOur Over-the-Counter (OTC) crypto trading desk offers Canadians enhanced liquidity from our internal markets along with some of the world's top crypto partners. This allows for trades to be placed more efficiently, in turn offering a better overall execution price. You can also enjoy priority service from a dedicated Wealth Director who will help in setting up and maintaining your account, share insights on market moves and keep you up to date on all crypto industry news. Get in touch with a Wealth Director who will answer your questions and help you get started.